Your Volkswagen can Tow More Than You Think

January 20th, 2016 by

Though this demonstration is a simple trick from our Littleton, CO Volkswagen dealership’s favorite brand to show the towing capabilities of its cars. And not that kind of trick, wise guys who might immediately think about other misperceptions caused by Volkswagen. Here, you see a Volkswagen Passat “towing” a trailer, in reverse. Click play to check it out.

While the high-speed and tight-turning reverse towing is really a vehicle in the fake trailer pulling the Passat, this video illustrates that you can add towing capability to just about any new Volkswagen. Swing by our VW dealership today and learn more about this new available add-on, and see if your Volkswagen can match up with what you need.

Visit McDonald Volkswagen today and get started with a great new ride, or an add-on that will make all your future travels even better.

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