Leasing vs Buying Your Ideal Vehicle

How am I going to pay for my car? We’ve heard this question from many Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock drivers over the years, and we’re happy to say that we’ve answered it successfully for many of our customers.

In this overview, we’re here to take a closer look at leasing vs. buying to see how each one may benefit you. If you’ve decided what car you want to drive and you’re ready to hit the roads, get in touch with our McDonald Volkswagen finance team.

Benefits of Leasing a Volkswagen

If you’re the kind of driver who prefers to have your hands on a new vehicle every few years, you’ll want to choose a lease. Leasing a Volkswagen vehicle provides a certain sense of flexibility because it allows you to switch models every two or three years when the lease contract comes to an end.

Another benefit of a lease is that you’re not paying the full cost of the vehicle. Since you’re only paying for the car as you drive it, leasing may be a better fit for your lifestyle when it comes to monthly payments.

Benefits of Buying a Car

As you can expect, buying a car has its advantages too. If you enjoy holding onto a vehicle for a significant period of time, then buying may make more sense for you. By purchasing a vehicle, you’ll build equity and eventually become the owner of the car when you pay it off in full. You also get to stay behind the wheel as long as you want to.

Unlike a lease, you’ll have the ability to sell the car at any time. Is it time to treat yourself to that special model you’ve had your eyes on your entire life? Maybe it’s time to let the kids take the wheel and find a new car of your own. With buying, you have the freedom to keep or sell your car as you see fit.

Leasing vs Buying a vehicle Littleton, COLeasing vs Buying a vehicle Littleton, CO

Apply for Volkswagen Financing

Once you’ve picked out the right Volkswagen model for you, apply for financing online. By completing this step at home, you can save time filling out paperwork when you visit our dealership. We’ll have your payment options ready for you when you visit our finance center. We’ll go over each offer with you and help you decide which financial plan works best for you.

We have several financing tools available on our website, too. If you have a vehicle you’d like to trade in, take advantage of our trade-in tool to get an estimated value.

Have any questions for our financing team? We’re here to answer them.

Financing a vehicle or leasing Littleton, CO

Buying or Leasing Your Next Car? The Choice Is Yours

If you’re debating on buying vs. leasing your next VW vehicle, we’ll help you make the right decision for your lifestyle. We look forward to helping drivers around Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock, CO, make an informed decision. Contact our team at McDonald Volkswagen to set up your test drive today!

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