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New Volkswagen ID. BUZZ

The Future of Volkswagen
A New Era of Innovation

Throughout the years, Volkswagen has continually developed new ways to enhance the fuel efficiency, technology and overall performance of their vehicles. Now, Volkswagen is gearing up to release an impressive lineup of new all-electric VW models that will forever change the way you think about driving. The upcoming VW electric concept vehicles include the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ, new ID. CROZZ, VW ID. VIZZION and Volkswagen ID. Want to find out about the Volkswagen ID. VIZZION release date or the new VW ID. BUZZ price? Head to our Volkswagen dealership near Denver, CO, to find out everything you need to know about the future VW electric models!

New Volkswagen ID. BUZZNew Volkswagen ID. BUZZNew Volkswagen ID. BUZZNew Volkswagen ID. BUZZ

New Volkswagen ID. BUZZ Release near Denver, CO

Volkswagen is revamping the classic VW Microbus style with the introduction of the new Volkswagen ID. BUZZ, the world’s first electric van that offers a fully automated driving mode. This new VW electric bus is anticipated to be powered by a 369-horsepower electric motor, so you can enjoy all the eco-friendly benefits of an electric vehicle without sacrificing power. The Volkswagen ID. BUZZ interior offers an interactive host of advanced technologies along with an open-space design, which allows for optimal use of available room. The new VW ID. BUZZ release date is expected to arrive in 2022, so be sure to keep up to date with the latest ID. BUZZ news by visiting our Colorado Volkswagen dealer!


Other Upcoming Electric Volkswagen Models

Wondering about the other new electric vehicles Volkswagen has in store? The new VW ID. CROZZ model is sure to thrill Denver drivers, featuring a sleek design paired with an anticipated top track speed of over 110 mph. For a vehicle that’s truly of the future, keep your eye out for the new Volkswagen ID. VIZZION, the first fully autonomous VW model. This hands-free driving experience will allow you to fully relax and enjoy your time within the ID. VIZZION interior, while an over 400-mile driving range enables you to cruise for miles on end before stopping to recharge. If you’re looking for an electric car that features both manual and automatic controls, the new ID. Concept car will be the perfect fit. Featuring a retractable steering wheel and a plethora of forward-thinking technologies, this Volkswagen electric car is sure to impress drivers from all over the Denver area.

Have questions about the Volkswagen ID. CROZZ release date or the new ID. BUZZ price? Contact McDonald Volkswagen to hear all the latest updates on the future VW electric vehicles. From upgrades in technology to exploration in generative design, Volkswagen is always coming up with new ways to revolutionize the automotive industry!

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