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Volkswagen Navigation System Guide | McDonald VW


Volkswagen Navigation Radio System explained in full detail

The Volkswagen Navigation system which is also known as the Volkswagen RNS314 Navigation System is an upgraded system that is available on New Volkswagen models. Now finding your way to your final destination is easier than ever. Luke Egolf, McDonald Volkswagen Sales Manager, walks you through the Volkswagen Navigation system and how to set up your Volkswagen Navigation System.

How to pair your cellphone with Volkswagen Bluetooth Navigation System

Connecting your cell phone to your Volkswagen is now easier than ever. Luke Egolf with McDonald Volkswagen demonstrates how to pair your iPhone and or smart phone to Volkswagen's Navigation Radio system. This brief tutorial demonstrates just how easy it is to create a hands free environment in your new Volkswagen. 
How to connect your Bluetooth device to the Volkswagen Navigation Radio System

There are two ways you can get your Bluetooth® compatible cell phone and car talking to each other. Whichever way you use, once they’re connected, they will automatically reconnect every time you turn on your car. But remember: Your car will only let you do this while it’s parked. Luke Egolf with McDonald Volkswagen demonstrates just how easy it is to set up your Bluetooth system.

How to Set up VW Navigation System

Volkswagen not only will show how to get to your next destination, but the Volkswagen RNS315 Navigation System will also show offer the quickest route, give you the option to set up landmarks, and also provide shortcuts. Luke Egolf with McDonald Volkswagen demonstrates just how easy it is to set up the Volkswagen Navigation system.